Why should you choose Grace Funerals to care for you?

We understand that you have many options to choose from. Why should you choose us?

We will listen to you; we have no agenda, we just want what you want. We can guide you and make suggestions; we can do absolutely everything and you just need to show up on the day. Alternatively; if you have a vision, we can realise it and if you would like to be more hands on, we can step back and help only where required. It is important to us that the service is how you would like it and that the planning process is in your control.

We will be completely transparent with you on everything we do and our prices. We offer you choice and variety.


Below will give you some more information, but we can do WHATEVER you would like.

Types of Funeral Services

The type of service you choose is only limited by your imagination. While some people prefer a more traditional or religious service others are looking for different ways to say goodbye. 

Personal Touches

A funeral service is your chance to say your perfect farewell.

We believe that each person is an individual and we would like to help you create a unique and highly personalised funeral for you.


We promise that our pricing will always be the best price, the first time. We will be transparent and up front. We will not hide anything from you.

We have developed some packages to give you an indication of costs; we can of course personalise a funeral service for you based on your specifications. Please call or email for a more detailed quote.


The funeral venue is an important choice to make. You might have a clear idea as to where you would like to hold the service. For example, your local church.

Alternatively, you might need some suggestions and guidance. We are able to provide suggestions as well organise a service at a location that you know and love.

Coffins & Caskets

We have designed this coffin range to serve a wide variety of tastes and needs.

If the coffin you would like isn’t shown here, we can source alternatives.


We love flowers.

Working with our local flower partner Botanica Factory (previously known as All Flowers), we can create a beautiful floral arrangement.