Our Blue Mountains Funeral Services Help Grieving Families Farewell Their Loved One in a Meaningful and Memorable Way

From simple chapel services to large celebrations of life, no request is too big or too small for the Grace Funerals team.

By taking the time to get to know you, your family, and the person passed, our funeral directors in the Blue Mountains create meaningful rituals that are truly reflective of your loved one.

We listen to your needs to ensure we understand exactly how you and your family wish to farewell your loved one and help create a service that honours their wishes.

Father-daughter duo Tom and Asha Dooley lead the team to deliver exceptional farewell ceremonies, funerals, and burials across Greater Western Sydney and the North Shore.

Our independent family business cares for your family as if you were our own.

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From Blue Mountains Funerals to Grace Funerals - Blue Mountains

Our history spanse nearly 100 years, Blue Mountains Funerals are the original funeral directors of the Mountains and have been continuously operating for over 85  years. Under the care of Don Tildon, he established and built a strong brand and business.  In 2012 The Dooley family became the owner/ operators and they have continued to build upon the work of their predecessors while introducing their unique touches.

Our Future:
We each recognise that change is a constant in life and the funeral industry is not immune from it. We are constantly monitoring the trends and innovations within our industry and we commit to ensuring that we remain relevant and contemporary.  We continually implement products and services that support our position as the leading and most creative funeral provider within Greater Western Sydney. This offers a clients the widest of choices.

However, there is one aspect of our service that will never change and that is the sincerity and quality of our care. While we wish to provide the best of the available services we never forget that the reason that you have engaged us is because you have lost someone whom you care deeply about and who has important place in your heart and life.

We are a proudly a two generation family business. We bring a unique perspective to funeral service that is a blend of those respective generations, combined with a depth of experience and experiences that few, if any, of our competitors can match.

Our Funeral Home in Springwood

Grace Funerals’ Blue Mountains office is branded as Blue Mountains Funerals. We are located at 5 Raymond Lane, Springwood, NSW 2777.

Visit us in Springwood to discuss funeral arrangements or for any information on our services.

Parking is located on the street at the old IGA across the road; please check restrictions.

Why Choose Grace Funerals?

Memorable Farewells

With more than two decades of experience, Grace Funerals offers flexible solutions to ensure your needs are met, no matter how big or small they may be.


Our family is here to support yours. With a personalised approach, we deliver meaningful, authentic services that reflect and respect your needs.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in fair pricing to suit your budget, and will always provide you with a transparent quote for review and approval.

24/7 Care

Attentive and accommodating, we are available to you 24 hours a day for immediate support or advice. Call anytime to speak to our professional team.

Blue Mountains Funerals

We at Grace Funerals – Blue Mountains; formally known as Blue Mountains funerals are very proud of our hertatage and our future.

Blue Mountains Funerals has served the people of the Blue Mountains for close to 100 years. We have been a staple in the mountains that people can trust to deliver the highest quality funeral services.

For the past decade the business has been owned by the Dooley family, with Tom Dooley and (me) his daughter Asha Dooley owning and operating the business in the mountains. Over this past decade our family has been honoured to service thousands of families, many of these families have used our company more than once.

During the same time, we have also owned and operated Grace Funerals in Emu Plains in conjunction with the Blue Mountains Funerals brand in Springwood. Both brands have become synonymous with quality and care. We have always been a family run business in which you will be in contact with our small highly trained team whether you were at Grace or Blue Mountains Funerals, it has always been the same team that has cared for your family.

To clarify who we are to our loyal client families we have decided to rename Blue Mountains Funerals to “Grace Funerals – Blue Mountains”; other than the name and the logo, nothing changes. When you come into “Grace Funerals – Blue Mountains” in our Springwood office at 5 Raymond Road, you will still meet with Louise to plan your funeral service. On the day of the funeral, you will still be cared for by Tom, Asha and the full team who ensure that the funeral service is delivered in the way in which it was planned.

At Grace Funerals we are more than a funeral home. We are a family business that invites your family to be part of ours as we preciously take you through the process of creating your special farewell. For years we’ve delivered outstanding funerals to families in the Blue Mountains, Greater Penrith District and now in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

We begin simply by listening, taking the time to get to know you and your loved one…  the stories, the memories, the character. We get to understand your needs and your vision. We creatively bring that to life with style and precision, whether that be a simple chapel service or a ‘spare no expense’ large scale event in a unique location.

Seeing the happiness we bring to families when they are able to say goodbye in their own unique authentic way is truly heart-warming.

Creating community connection is crucial to us, if you would like to discuss this change, or anything about funerals, please reach out to me directly at asha@gracefunerals.com.au or our Springwood office number is 4751 6166.


What to look for when selecting a funeral director

You should start with the end in mind; what type and quality of service do you want, then find a funeral director who matches your ideal.

We caution against choosing on price alone, your funeral director is someone who you will become very close to for the period of the service and you need to feel comfortable and confident that they will deal with you with respect and care.

If you cannot obtain a personal recommendation, websites are the best resource, they should be clear, user friendly and informative, including photos and detail of the owners and team.

In 2020 Fair Trading NSW implimented new legislation that requires all funeral directors to have all of their pricing on their website and clearly available, please check that any funeral directors have this, you can find ours here.

Also check the google and facebook reviews and testimonials, keeping an eye out for consistency and the most recent comments.

Narrow your choices down and call them. On the phone you are looking for rapport and transparent information, ask yourself, does this interaction match your impression of the website?

If proceeding, ask who you will be meeting with; you might like the person who answered  the phone but in some larger companies this will be a call centre and not the person you will meet.

Ask about cost, I believe in it being clear, transparent, and upfront. If you have a provider who will not provide a detailed and written quote, chances are they do not have consistent pricing.  Check that all the costs are quoted with no “hidden extras” or unnecessary additional services.  Such as excluding GST and ensure that all costs are itemised, not bundled as a total cost.

Finally, choose a firm who is an accredited member of a leading industry association that does regular inspections of the premises. It is your guarantee of quality and professionalism. Check that they have full facilities onsite including a mortuary and chapel, most funeral businesses do not. You have the right to know where your loved one will be located at all times and who is caring for them.

Why do we have funerals?

Expert advice teaches us, when we love someone, and lose them we need to be allowed to grieve. We know that planning the funeral, having a viewing, and attending the funeral service all help with the grieving process. Having our family and friends attend the funeral allows them to show that they care, it also shows that you are supported.

If you lose someone and you are not able to attend for whatever reason there are still many things that you can do. Send a card, letter, flowers or a meal; call; text; leave a message on Facebook anything you can do to show that you care and that you are thinking of the family. If you can, attend the webcast, if not, have your own ritual. For example light a candle, play a song or have a call with friends and share stories.

If you are planning a funeral, we encourage as much personalisation as you can think of. Make the venue your own through decorations. Invite people to write or say something; create a photo story and an online tribute; anything you can think of. We are here to support you; we want you to have a farewell that is meaningful and create a ritual for your family that will always be remembered.

Why should you have a viewing?

Firstly, what is a viewing? A viewing is when a loved one who has passed is viewed by their family and friends. This can be immediately prior to a funeral service, or it can be a separate time and location to the service. A viewing is an opportunity for one final and usually private farewell of your loved one; this may be when you see them again, or you can opt for the coffin to be closed and to have some private time.

Grief experts highly encourage having a viewing; we know that when we lose someone that one of the steps in accepting their loss can be to see the person after they have passed. Additionally, having a viewing can show you that they are now peaceful. If someone passes suddenly and unexpectedly, a viewing can be a chance to say goodbye and to say some final words to them, privately.

We are asked about how a loved one will be presented, I can only speak to what Grace Funeral’s does, we believe in being as gentle and non-invasive as possible. When your loved one comes into our care, they will be washed, their hair washed and styled, and they will be dressed in the clothes that you provide to us, or in a shroud if that is your preference. We typically only apply makeup if that is your request, we use photographs provided by the family to match the style of hair and makeup. The feedback we receive from our client families is that their loved one is at peace and looks well cared for and loved.

My advice is to have a viewing wherever possible.