Plan For The Future and Arrange a Celebration The Way You Wish To Be Remembered

When the time does come, your family will not have to suffer the unnecessary burden of making funeral arrangements, as everything has already been decided.

Planning ahead can start with a simple conversation. We encourage you to speak with your family to explain your desire to plan your celebration precisely the way you want.

There are no restrictions around who can pre-plan their funeral, and our funeral plans in Sydney ensure your family can honour your memory exactly the way you want.

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Why Pre-plan Your Funeral?

Design your service the way you want to be remembered

One of the most important reasons why people consider planning their own funeral service is to ensure the service or celebration is designed exactly the way they want to be remembered. We listen to your needs now so that when the time comes, we can honour your wishes.

Remove difficult decision making away from your family

Pre-planning a funeral takes an immense burden off the shoulders of your loved ones, as it’s one less thing they will need to worry about during their grieving period.

Beat future price rises

Prices for funerals can go up over time, but pre-planning means you can secure today’s price, giving peace of mind to you and your family and safeguarding them from unexpected costs.

No restrictions on who can pre-plan

Anyone can pre-plan their funeral, with no age or health restrictions stopping you from planning a celebration that honours your wishes.

Pension benefits

A pre-paid funeral does not affect your pension entitlements.

Funeral Plan Management

Working with Foresters Financial, Grace Funerals offers you a range of pre-paid funeral plans in Sydney, including:

Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Working closely with one of our experienced funeral consultants, we help you plan the funeral you would like. At this time, no money is paid.

At the time of need, we can create your funeral using what was planned in the past, and your family will settle the full cost of the funeral at the current-day prices.

Funeral Bond

A Funeral Bond works in conjunction with a Pre-arrange Funeral. If you don’t have sufficient funds at the time of planning your funeral, you can start a funeral bond. This is where you can leave it to earn interest or you can contribute to it on a regular basis.

Funeral Planning Sydney

Saying goodbye is never easy, and your funeral might not exactly be something you feel ready to think about.

However with a pre-planned funeral, you and your family get complete peace-of-mind that your celebration of life will be planned exactly the way you wish. It also safeguards your family in the future and protects them from unexpected or inflated costs.

We will support you and your family every step of the way, ensuring your funeral, memorial, or celebration of life honours your wishes.

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