The Type of Service You Choose Is Limited Only By Your Imagination

No matter how you wish to celebrate and commemorate the life of someone who has passed, Grace Funerals takes the time to listen to your wishes. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to make that vision a reality.

Whether you prefer a more traditional or religious service or are looking for a unique way to say goodbye, we work closely with you each step of the way to deliver a service that reflects the personality and beliefs of your loved one.

Different Types of Funeral Ceremonies

Traditional Funeral

A traditional or classic funeral ceremony is held in a church or chapel and is followed by a cremation or burial at a cemetery of your choice.

Traditional funeral services often include a viewing before the ceremony; this can be arranged immediately before the ceremony or in the days leading up to it.

The service is conducted by the Clergy of the Church or by a Funeral Celebrant.

Alternative Funeral

We know that a funeral service is essential in the grieving process; however, we understand that the “traditional” funeral may not be suitable for your family, and you may be seeking alternative funeral ideas and services.

We offer non-traditional funerals at venues such as golf clubs, parks, national parks – whatever you can imagine. Funerals can be done in any kind of format; we can create a unique funeral service or “ritual” with you. We have a wide variety of coffins and flowers and can source anything else that is better suited to truly honour your loved one.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is when we have a funeral, but your loved one is not present. Typically, a cremation or burial has taken place before the memorial service.

If you’re interested in holding a memorial service in Sydney, Grace Funerals can create a beautiful commemoration of your loved one in any location and at any time.

We can help you personalise your service, whether you want to plan a memorial service at home or find a memorial park or garden in Sydney. We can tailor each part of your service, including music, celebrant or MC, flowers, and theme.

Graveside Burial Service

A graveside memorial is a burial service held at the graveside in a cemetery of your choice.

The service is conducted in its entirety at the graveside. A variation to a graveside service is to have the burial before the funeral service or memorial service. This suits those who wish for a private committal.

Grace Funerals can provide anything to suit your needs, including chairs, sound systems for audio and PA systems for the clergy, and a canopy to provide shade and protection from rain.


A ceremony is usually held in a church or chapel, and then Grace Funerals will continue to the crematorium for a private cremation service. The ashes are collected and returned to the family at a later time.

Find out more about our Cremation Packages in Sydney.

Living Wake

If you are ill and have been given the news that we all dread, a party might seem like the last thing on your mind. However, saying goodbye to family and friends is an important part of coming to terms with what is happening. This celebration is often referred to as a ‘living wake’.

We can help you throw a bespoke, truly memorable celebration, sourcing venues, liaising with vendors, and essentially acting as your event planner. If you would like, we can organise speeches and a more formalised farewell similar to a funeral but with more fun.

Scattering Ashes Ceremony

Once the funeral is over and some time has passed, you may like to organise another ceremony with a more intimate group to scatter the ashes of your loved one.

We can assist you with scattering ashes at sea or in a special location. We can make it a more formal service with a celebrant and speakers, or we can arrange everything for you and leave you to it with your family and friends.

Body Donation

You or your loved one may want to donate their body to medical science. We know that a funeral will help with your grieving process and assist with a memorial service to say goodbye to your loved one.

For more information about body donation in Sydney, please see Macquarie University Body Donation Program.

Anniversary Services

Offering more than just funeral services, we can also help you plan a day, event, memorial, or any other celebration to help you remember your loved one on the first anniversary of their death.

From golf days to charity fun runs, attending a concert or memorial service and party, we can help you with ideas to celebrate a one year death anniversary, birthday, or another significant date.