7th May 2020

To say that in these current times having a funeral ceremony is different is an understatement, yet they possibly have never been more important.

Current restrictions on the number of people who can attend a funeral service means that many people who would normally be there are being excluded. This leaves them unable to express their feelings, and to both give and receive the comfort that comes from when we gather as family and friends.

But funerals must still go ahead and It is important that a funeral service is held within a reasonable time following the death. Irrespective of the circumstances that exist today, we still need to grieve and mourn and we should not unnecessarily delay a service.

Regretfully, only ten people can attend the service in person and making the decision on who they will be can often be difficult. To those who are restricted from attending, the use of technology to webcast or record the service allows them to be involved. We understand that it’s not the same, but it is the best solution currently available.  If applicable, consideration should be given to planning a Memorial Service later when everyone can be present. It is never too late for this type of ceremony and having multiple services is fine.

We also understand that saying farewell before they pass away is very important. With the restrictions in hospitals and nursing homes it may not be possible for all family members to do so. To the immediate family members who were unable to be present, a private viewing prior to the funeral service can be a comforting experience and provide the opportunity for a personal farewell.

These are unprecedented times for us as funeral directors, but we remain committed to ensuring that each of our client families during this time will receive a memorable and meaningful funeral service. Our Chapel is modern, ambient and is fully equipped to comfortably meet the government’s requirements for attendee numbers, it also has the latest audio-visual equipment and we include complimentary webcasting.  And if you wish we would be pleased to discuss future Memorial Service options for when the restrictions are lifted.

Tom & Asha Dooley


14th April 2020

Only having ten people present at a funeral service when there are so many more who wish that they could be there can leave a hollow feeling. And you are seated in a chapel with the chairs spaced out from your loved ones.

The family needs to be able to illustrate how important the deceased’s life has been, and how much their life mattered. Here are some things that we can do to personalise a service.

  • Music
  • Photo stories
  • Photos
  • Order of Service Booklets and additional copies for those who can’t be there.
  • Mementos / memorabilia to be displayed
  • Webcasting/ Recording
  • We can help you write a Eulogy.
  • Hand outs – appropriate to the theme of the service (ie; packet seeds for a gardener, knitting needles  for a knitter, etc )
  • Have a toast of their favourite tipple

From those who can’t be there:

  • Send in Written Messages; we can print them out and put them in a folder.
  • Additionally these can be read out during the service.
  • Videoed messages

To accommodate this level of personalisation we are allowing additional time for our chapel  services. (Grace Chapel only)

For more details call 4735 6900.

Tom & Asha Dooley