Pre-Planning or Pre-Paying Your Funeral

Why pre-plan?

  • Design your service the way you want to be remembered
  • Remove difficult decision making away from your family
  • Pay at today’s price, beat future price rises
  • No age or health restrictions
  • Pension benefits – pre-paid funerals will not affect your pension entitlements

Working with Foresters Financial, Grace Funerals offers you different pre-planning options:

Pre-Arranged Funeral: With one of our funerals consultants we help you plan the funeral you would like, however no money is paid and at the time of need your family will be able to use what you have planned but will have to bear the full cost of the funeral at the current day prices.

Pre-Paid Funeral: You plan the funeral service that you would like to have and then you fully pre-pay this at today’s prices. At the time of need your family will have no additional expenses (unless they choose to add anything to the service). Your funds are then safeguarded by being submitted to Foresters Financial. For more information please see

Funeral Bond: This works in conjunction with a pre-arrange funeral, when you don’t have sufficient funds at the time you make the arrangement to pay for the pre-paid funeral you can start a funeral bond where you can either leave it to earn interest or you can continue to pay money into it on a regular basis. This can then be used to convert it to a pre-paid funeral at a later date or your family can use this bond to pay for your full funeral or part of it if the bond doesn’t cover the full amount. This bond is safeguarded with Foresters Financial. See details

Contact us to request more information on pre-planning. Or call us on 02 4735 6900 to speak with one of our team who can talk you through the options available to you.