Family Owned & Independent

The majority of great funeral homes experience an evolution over a period of time as they meet the changing needs of the communities which they serve. This has been the case with us at Grace Funerals.  Over 20 years Grace has evolved from Funerals of Care in Lawson, into Lady of Grace Funerals in Emu Plains and in 2012 the name was changed to simply, Grace Funerals. These changes occurred under the previous owners.  In 2013 The Dooley family became the owner/ operators and they have continued to build upon the work of their predecessors while introducing their unique touches.

Our Future:
We each recognise that change is a constant in life and the funeral industry is not immune from it. We are constantly monitoring the trends and innovations within our industry and we commit to ensuring that we remain relevant and contemporary.  We continually implement products and services that support our position as the leading and most creative funeral provider within Greater Western Sydney. This offers a clients the widest of choices.

However, there is one aspect of our service that will never change and that is the sincerity and quality of our care. While we wish to provide the best of the available services we never forget that the reason that you have engaged us is because you have lost someone whom you care deeply about and who has important place in your heart and life.

We are a proudly a two generation family business. We bring a unique perspective to funeral service that is a blend of those respective generations, combined with a depth of experience and experiences that few, if any, of our competitors can match.